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We create strategic alliances with select clients with the objective to maximize the profitability and value of their manufactured housing communities. We have a long term entrepreneurial approach to property management which provides clarity and peace of mind. We work closely with our management clients to develop a long term vision for there property...the Big Picture, then work tirelessly to fulfill that vision.


In 2001 Ralph Beatty and McKay Florence had a thriving syndication business investing exclusively in manufactured housing communities. With years of experience turning around difficult properties, home sales and management oversight with a hands on entrepreneurial approach, Ralph and McKay created Laguna Asset

Management for three purposes:

  • Add Value to properties by maximizing occupancy and streamlining expenses
  • Provide property management services with long term pride of ownership in mind
  • Create and maintain a quality housing environment for community residents

Over the years they developed systems and procedures to fulfill these purposes simultaneously keeping an eye on the day to day details and maintaining a vision of the big picture. Today Laguna Asset Management creates a strategic partnership with a select number of similar minded property owners who rest easy knowing Laguna Asset Management’s team of professionals is giving their community the same level of care McKay and Ralph expect for their own communities


Laguna Asset Management is a full service property management company specializing in manufactured housing communities, mobile home parks, and RV parks. Full service management includes oversight of physical facilities, onsite personnel and capital projects, managing resident relations, leasing vacant spaces, rent collection, compliance with government regulations and full book keeping associated with the property operations. Additional services include mobile home installation, property financing, and sales.

Look at the big picture

Our management process begins with an annual asset management and budget review with our management clients in which we conduct market rent surveys, determine future rent increases, review the capital improvement needs of the property, make plans for filling vacant spaces and plan to implement any additional initiatives necessary to maximize profitability and maintain quality at the highest possible level.

Empowering Onsite Personnel

Your onsite manager is the face of the property, meeting with potential and existing residents, collecting rent, enforcing rules and overseeing the daily care of your property. We provide extensive training, over site and support to onsite personnel to ensure the highest quality service to community residents.

Realizing Your Vision

With an annual asset management plan and budget in place your entire management team works tirelessly to fulfill your vision for your community. Your team includes our Director of Property Management, Physical Facilities Manager, Safety Manager, Regional Property Supervisor, Rent Collection Team, Legal Support and full bookkeeping department.